1. Upstate geometry

  2. It’s not every day you see Proust quoted on a window.

  3. Holes, holes and more holes.

  4. Collage circa 1997 #fromthearchives

  5. .#afropunk wouldn’t be complete without a marching band (at AFROPUNK Festival 2014)

  6. Only our second visit to the beach and summer is almost over. (at Jacob Riis Park)

  7. Seeing it all in historical perspective was a really valuable exercise. Love early pieces like this. #koons (at Whitney Museum of American Art)

  8. Sometimes you need to go to school in disguise. #growinguporlov

  9. Goodbye Gowanus Grove @mrsatnight (at Gowanus Grove)

  10. Vacation latergram: Corning Museum of Glass

  11. #urbanstilllife

  12. at Ravines Wine Cellars