1. Another from NOLA. Landry Walker HS marching band.

  2. #growinguporlov discovers the work of Mel Chin (at New Orleans Museum of Art)

  3. Began and ended our trip with breakfast here. (at Coulis)

  4. It could mean so many things. (at Rock ‘n’ Bowl)

  5. at Mother In Law Lounge

  6. Fried chicken and butter beans. That was good. (at Willie Mae’s Scotch House)

  7. Walter “Wolfman” Washington (at d.b.a.)

  8. Like good tourists, we came early. (at Hi-Ho Lounge)

  10. at House of Dance and Feathers

  11. Much respect to Brad Pitt and Make It Right. (at Lower Ninth Ward)

  12. Another aquarium latergram. Of course! The Gulf of Mexico tank would be sponsored by these guys. (at Audubon Aquarium Of The Americas Papa Johns)