1. It’s a pie party, alright.

  2. #UrbanStillLife

  3. The Chinese Scholar’s Garden. So worth a visit. (at Snug Harbor, Staten Island)

  4. The Loft really knows how to throw a party. #latergram (at Ukrainian National Home)

  5. Dogs of the Upper East Side should be a reality show.

  7. Celebrating our anniversary one week late with Fleetwood Mac #obligatorymacgram (for me, it’s all about Christine)

  8. Sometimes it’s hard not to love Brooklyn

  9. This was my first record purchase. (tho sadly not the picture disc version). Endless hours of my youth were spent listening to, and staring at this album. (Clem Burke and his mismatched high tops). #BlondieExhibition #recommended

  10. To the best partner ever for this thing called Life. Happy Anniversary! @raspberryjones #ifeellove

  11. Playground equipment for a gilded age

  12. Superfund sunset. (at Carroll Street Bridge)